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What Ministry Leaders are saying...

"I love CarePortal and what it has made possible! God is doing amazing things through willing hearts and much of it has been made possible by the CarePortal network!"
Blue Ridge Bible Church
"CarePortal makes it possible to educate our church attendees to the need in our area and gives them a chance to make a difference"
The Cove
"It is an efficient and easy way to connect with families in our neighborhoods and we enjoy getting to meet them and their social workers and provide support."
Redeemer Fellowship
"It is exciting to see how God can use some 'little' things for His glory."
First Mennonite Church
"I love what CarePortal is doing for families and children in need! God is definitely using this and it is amazing to see!"
Church Leader
"I think this is a great way for the church to be involved in the community around us. It reminds me of how generous people can be even to strangers."
Olathe Bible Church
"This had been overall very easy to implement at out church and church members are very moved to help and excited to meet needs in their community."
Colonial Presbyterian Church

Learn how your Church can join the network!

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2. How to Join
3.More than a Crib

CarePortal Catalyzes the Movement

CarePortal churches stay involved through a team of volunteers and staff, an organized network, and dynamic technology that catalyzes daily engagement.


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About the CarePortal Technology

CarePortal leverages a technological platform that enables child welfare professionals from participating agencies to quickly communicate with participating churches by inputting a need and the technology generates requests to churches based on their proximity to the zip code of the need.


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Understanding the Grid

Tier 1?
Investing In
CarePortal Grid: Tier 1-Prevention
Foster Care
CarePortal Grid: Tier 1-Foster Care
CarePortal Grid: Tier 1-Adoption
CarePortal Grid: Tier 1-Transition
Tier 2?
Walking With
CarePortal Grid: Tier 2-Prevention
CarePortal Grid: Tier 2-Foster Care
CarePortal Grid: Tier 2-Adoption
CarePortal Grid: Tier 2-Transition
Tier 3?
Becoming Home
CarePortal Grid: Tier 3-Prevention
CarePortal Grid: Tier 3-Foster Care
Foster Care
CarePortal Grid: Tier 3-Adoption
CarePortal Grid: Tier 3-Transition

Frequently Asked Questions