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103 Child Welfare Agencies have Submitted 23,060 Requests

What Child Welfare Leaders are saying...

"CarePortal has become the greatest gift to the children and families engaged with the Child Welfare system. Thank you!"
Child Welfare Worker
Missouri Department of Social Services
"Using CarePortal was very helpful. In the pass it would’ve taken days to get this need met. Using CarePortal allowed this need to be met within an hour."
Child Welfare Worker
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
"If it had not been for CarePortal, I do not think these 5 children would be home with their mother so quickly."
Child Welfare Worker
North Carolina Department of Social Services
"The families that we work with are at very stressful times during their experiences with us and this program helps to ease that stress for them."
Child Welfare Worker
Texas Child Protective Services
"WOW! I am so full of joy right now and can't believe the need was met so soon. Very easy to submit a request and a response was so soon."
Child Welfare Worker
Oklahoma Department of Human Services

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CarePortal in Action

1. How it Works

2. More than a Crib

CarePortal Catalyzes the Movement

CarePortal churches stay involved through a team of volunteers and staff, an organized network, and dynamic technology that catalyzes daily engagement.


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About the CarePortal Technology

CarePortal leverages a technological platform that enables child welfare professionals from participating agencies to quickly communicate with participating churches by inputting a need and the technology generates requests to churches based on their proximity to the zip code of the need.


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Understanding the Grid

Tier 1?
Investing In
CarePortal Grid: Tier 1-Prevention
Foster Care
CarePortal Grid: Tier 1-Foster Care
CarePortal Grid: Tier 1-Adoption
CarePortal Grid: Tier 1-Transition
Tier 2?
Walking With
CarePortal Grid: Tier 2-Prevention
CarePortal Grid: Tier 2-Foster Care
CarePortal Grid: Tier 2-Adoption
CarePortal Grid: Tier 2-Transition
Tier 3?
Becoming Home
CarePortal Grid: Tier 3-Prevention
CarePortal Grid: Tier 3-Foster Care
Foster Care
CarePortal Grid: Tier 3-Adoption
CarePortal Grid: Tier 3-Transition

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