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Request ID 25497
Purpose of Request Help Strengthen a Bio Family
Grid Quadrant Tier 1 - Physical Needs - Prevention
Level of Urgency Normal; Within 7-10 days
Children Served 3
Need $185.00
Total Donated $235.00
Case Description Due to a system error, this need is being re-submitted.

Muslim refugee family of Mom and three children aged 8 - 15. As war broke out in their area, their father was kidnapped along with 6 other extended family members. One of the extended family members was later found murdered. Mom and her children fled to Jordan to seek refuge.

A local CarePortal church in Amman has wrapped around this family providing ongoing emotional and physical support. The church is requesting assistance to cover rent for 1 year while the family settles into their new lives in Jordan.

The cost is $185/ mo

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