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Request Details
Request ID 25864
Purpose of Request Help Strengthen a Bio Family
Grid Quadrant Tier 1 - Physical Needs - Prevention
Level of Urgency Normal; Within 7-10 days
Children Served 1
Need $3,800.00
Total Donated $780.00
Case Description After living a worldly life without Christ, this Mom and Dad heard the good news through Dad's uncle who is the Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Beirut, Lebanon. They got saved and baptized in 2013 and have become dedicated members of the church.

They are faithful and trust worthy. Dad used to earn his living as a self employed plumber, but the influx of refugees and instability in the region due to war has placed extreme pressures on Lebanon's economy which has now lapsed into a severe recession. Further more, trade skills such as plumbing, are the primary mode of employment for refugees living in Lebanon. Dad is no longer able to make a living wage and provide for his family.

Dad is able to provide basic necessities for his family and thanks to the local church's help, they are surviving however they are not able to cover tuition fees for their daughter and are requesting assistance to ensure that she can continue to attend school. The local church is requesting 10 month's of tuition support.

Tuition = $380 per month for 10 months
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