Partner Response

Request Details
Request ID 26405
Purpose of Request Help Strengthen a Bio Family
Grid Quadrant Tier 1 - Physical Needs - Prevention
Level of Urgency Normal; Within 7-10 days
Children Served 1
Need $3,000.00
Total Donated $1,825.00
Case Description Mariam is a Syrian refugee widow who moved to Jordan due to the war. She moved after she was kidnapped and threatened. Her son was also kidnapped and returned to her after some time had passed. Mariam was afraid for the wellbeing of her son so she moved to Jordan. Because of the move that she had to make and the refugee status she has, she is not financially stable. She recently found out that she has a tumor that is putting pressure on her vocal cords and her carotid artery. Her condition is very serious and she urgently needs help. The church in Marka, Jordan has recommended help for the surgery. This surgery will cost almost 3000$.
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