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Request Details
Request ID 26604
Purpose of Request Help Strengthen a Bio Family
Grid Quadrant Tier 1 - Physical Needs - Prevention
Level of Urgency Critical; Needed Within 24 hrs
Children Served 5
Need $890.00
Total Donated $50.00
Case Description Bekr is the father of a family of 5 children. The family moved to Lebanon from Syria after the war broke out. They were able to barely cover the bills every month until the father burned his hand. He was electrocuted at 240 volts. He is recovering but until he can maintain a full time job the family is struggling.His son had to leave school to help pay bills and was not payed after all the work that he had done. 3 of the 5 children suffer from hearing loss. They have not been able to receive all of the required medical attention they need to get better. The apostolic church in Beirut would love to help this family with rent for 2 months for 445$ to ensure the stability of the family.
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