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Request Details
Request ID 29025
Purpose of Request Help Strengthen a Bio Family
Grid Quadrant Tier 1 - Physical Needs - Prevention
Level of Urgency Normal; Within 7-10 days
Children Served 2
Need $495.00
Total Donated
Case Description Majida is an Iraqi refugee living in Jordan. Her family came to Jordan in 2016. Her husband had a stroke and recovered, however, this past year he passed away from a heart attack. This left Majida alone to care for her children. She takes medication for hypertension and cholesterol. Since she is the only caregiver for the family and is unable to cover all of the monthly needs, Marka Church has decided to help Majida with her medication and food expenses. Marka Church would like to cover these expenses for the next 3 months at $165 per month.
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